Friday, 17 April 2009

Idea for private view

I started thinking about it yesterday with thread but realised we could make use of the walls by using coloured card.....we take conversations(overheard, found, ones from films...) and transcribe them  and then count words per utterance, duration of utterance etc. and also group each utterance into a certain colour depending on I don't know what(maybe tone of whats being said).
Boring conversations on one theme wouldn't look as exciting as one that was jumping around from one subject to another with lots of interupting. We could have 5 different conversations up next to each other and look at how different interactions between people can be. We could for example have; the conversation between people who vaguely know each other and have run into eachother in the street, the awkward conversation between two shy people who have just met for the first time, two people trying to impress eachother by boasting about how much their jewellery cost, two people brainstorming ideas for an exhibition they want to put on,a couple in could perhaps make people think about how wasteful they are with their words when they are capable of such creativity, inspiration and emotional engagement.
Does that make any sense?

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  1. i like this.

    do you reckon we have enough prominent wall space though?