Sunday, 20 September 2009

Ideas for heavy pencil

We don't have long before heavy pencil. We're lucky to have the opportunity. If we all pull together and work hard it could be great. I we don't it will be another flop like the reading room opening and it will just be a bit embarassing....

I like how he skips the boring bits (like colouring in) and swaps to an already done one. This would save people getting bored but then we also have 4 hours to kill so perhaps we could do with killing some time?
I also like how it looks like a dick and balls.

It annoyed me how Anthea Turner always had everything pre made and it all work perfectly In such a short ammount of time. Me and my mum slaved away for days to get mine made and I'll admit it there were points when I felt like giving up. Especially when my mate Richard Eastick had his bought from Totally Toys on Gloucester Road the same day he said he wanted it. He didn't evven have to wait for his birthday. In retrospect I'm grateful to my Mum but at the time I certainly felt I was getting a hard deal. It all payed off in both the long and short term; me and my Mum made a pretty penny making Tracey Islands for other kids in my school who loved thunderbirds, and I'd also like to think that the skills I learnt all those years back are the same ones that got me into art school.I hope I'm not showing my age.

This animation is by Johnny Kelly is obviously way beyond our grasp, but the idea of collage, moving objects within a larger framework, combining collage and drawing are all things worth thinking about.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

what was our budget for it again? this could get expensive real fast. £1.48 for paper? wow. 

so the plan is to go up to london graphics on tuesday afternoon, pick our colours, get them cut in the workshops at the ica and start work i guess? 

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Coloured Paper

Loads of colours here in A1(which will be too big to crop on the machine in college....);

Friday, 24 April 2009

sound for show

This is what Raine and I had spoken about the day before but I couldn’t work out how to explain. The idea was to have the conversations on an audio loop following the visual transcribed spoken word. To try and have the conversations following the viewer as they walk around the room. So the speakers would be on loops, by each transcribe, the timing based on how long it takes to walk around the room or maybe just the one wall where there will be the only complete transcribed word on that night? I think this is probably more like it INIT? Just one wall with the spoken word on loop. Yea?

Sunday, 19 April 2009

No comments.

For some reason I can't comment. Anyone care to explain?
However, Tom, I think the speed-dating is an excellent idea. Putting everyone in the same awkward situation always seems to warm people to one another, it forces everyone to be a whole lot more open than they'd like. If we're going to do this then we should come up with a list of recommended conversation topics that we can leave at the entrance, one for each guest. On one side it could have the conversation topics and then on the other some kind of manifesto about us and why we're here. Make it a proper nice document, something for people to take home.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

One of my english a level english language/literature a level questions....

what on earth shall we do chaps?

okay, so, our piece we gots to do...

right, we got to show ourselves off, we have to invite people in, to introduce ourselves to others, to make ourselves known. how do we do this? normally at a private view its pretty awkward, no one is really talking to each other, no one that they dont know anyway. we basically have to force people to talk to us. okay, so first idea....