Saturday, 14 March 2009

Herbert Read

I was having a look at the ICA website and discovered that Herbert Read was it's co-founder. I have read several essays from his book to 'To Hell with Culture' and I plan to read more. He was a poet, art and literature critic.
From Wikipedia; "Politically Read regarded himself as an anarchist, albeit in the English quitest tradition of Edward Carpenter and William Morris".

From the ICA website; "The ICA's founding principle was emphatically to stimulate dicussion, vitality, daring experiment and provide an alternative to 'another museum' or 'bleak exhibition gallery'. Over the last 60 years the institution has remained true to these ideals and continued to work across the broadest possible range of artistic and intellectual fields to encourage wider, sometimes unorthodox, understanding of art and culture" 

 Being the 'youth panel'  yet taking inspiration from the institutions founder could be an interesting thing to do...

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